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The journey of an honest man venturing into the quagmire that is

modern politics in America


The iCandidate was originally written in 2008 and published in 2013 when the use of social media was in its earliest stages. Now, with the prolific use of Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope by our elected officials and candidates for office, what once was a ground-breaking novel now seems more commonplace – but there is a catch. In the United States to date, no candidate has ever run for office using nothing but social media to communicate a message.


Michael Bennit is a former Green Beret turned high school history teacher who loses a bet to his honors students and is forced to run for Congress. When his campaign becomes a media sensation, the incumbent, Rep. Winston Beaumont, becomes threatened. What happens next is a testament to just how far a crooked politician will go to keep his power.


The remaining three books in the series, The iCongressman, The iSpeaker, and the iAmerican, follows the story to the nation’s capital where the political process has become stagnant with politicking and divisiveness between the political parties. Michael Bennit faces the challenge of working as an Independent in a city where people have a singular focus of maintaining or enhancing their political power at the expense of anyone in their way, including the American people.


Teaming up with a new crop of “icandidates,” he must remake the system and contend with the power of lobbyists whose money buys them both influence and access in the halls of Congress. He learns that in Washington D.C., nobody can be trusted and getting things done for the good of the country is not as easy as he thought.


The Michael Bennit Series is both an optimistic look at what American politics could and should be, as well as a cautionary tale about the increasing role social media plays in our society. These are not meant to be issue driven novels; they are intended to expose the flaws in the American political process, from big money to scandal-driven campaigns, and bring a true hero forward to restore our faith in Washington, D.C.


The Michael Bennit SeriesThe Michael Bennit SeriesThe Michael Bennit SeriesThe Michael Bennit Series



"Mere words are hard to find for the wonderful experience of these four books."

                                                 -- Jeannie Marshall, Author

"The way it should be."

-- Kindle Customer

"My usual genre of books are CIA, FBI, Political mysteries, Black Ops, Seal Teams, etc. but this series about Michael Bennit far surpasses all the others! "

-- Sandi Miller

"Outstanding four book series"

-- Alyssa Amori

The Michael Bennit Series