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Refers to a random, unforeseen event which has a great influence and whose significance is only understood after it has happened. The event is then rationalized by people in power who claim it should have been predictable, despite the fact that if it was possible for that event to be anticipated, it would have been.

The metaphor is derived from the early belief that swans of that color did not exist. “Black swan” is thus representative of the prevailing attitude that events are foreseeable after studying the warning signals of them in hindsight. “Black” also denotes the negative consequences associated with the majority black swan events.



The year is 2088 and the world is a much different place. Following the global economic collapse in 2029 that brought governments to their knees, chaos and brutal violence spread across the globe. To fill the power vacuum, huge multinational corporations, backed by their wealthy benefactors, seized the reins of power and took over governing the masses to drag humanity back from the precipice of apocalypse.


Now firmly in control, citizens of the world have now become employees serving executive masters in a struggle to control the world's resources and exert dominance in the areas of manufacture and trade. Nearly fifty years later, the world has returned to an era of prosperity and progress. There is no crime, no unemployment, no homelessness, and no war.


The progress has come with a price ― people are nothing more than disposable pawns for corporate machines whose sole purpose is to enrich the elite who trade their shares on the world’s lone stock exchange, Intercorpex. Every employee is constantly monitored, their activities logged, and every sentence they utter dissected for hints of subversion. Most of the world’s population has accepted this as the way of life. Not all of them have.


When a group that calls itself “Liberteum” unleashes a plan to destroy corporate governance, it sets a series of events in motion that threatens the very fabric of society. Egos clash as bureaucrats, leaders, and the wealthy elite all play politics in the midst of the greatest threat the new economic system has ever faced. Will Liberteum succeed in bringing society to its knees, or can a last ditch effort save the world from plunging into the darkness of another economic collapse?


The Black Swan Saga shows that no matter what governmental system people adhere to, the political struggle is universal. The series is a cautionary tale about the technology we rely on and the consequences of the decisions our leaders make. It has real world relevance for the world we live in today mixed with an excitement that makes the novels hard to put down.


America, Inc. Bounded RationalityBOUNDED RATIONALITYThe Black Swan Saga

"I can see this actually taking place if we are not mindful of what is happening today."


-- Michelle K.

"Mikael has taken on complex questions which we are currently dealing with in our country and our world and asked the question, "What if?"."


-- Kindle Customer

"The characters were well done and the corporate political system he creates is believable enough to be scary."

-- SparkWizard

The Black Swan Saga