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Award-Winning Political Fiction Author


Some people want to escape into their dreams. Intelligence analyst Eugene “Boston” Hollinger wants to escape from his.


Hampered by strange dreams since he was severely injured by a roadside bomb in ISIS-occupied Iraq, he enlists the help of an attractive, yet quirky dream therapist to get to the bottom of the mystery. Together they come to understand the true nature of Boston’s condition ― he is not dreaming, but somehow accessing the memories of others while he sleeps.


As Boston comes to grips with his condition, the nation’s intelligence community is in a panic. A mole with high-level access to classified intel is passing secrets to the enemy, and the pressure to catch him is increasing by the minute. With soldiers and informants dying every day, and the government all pointing fingers at each other, Boston realizes his strange dreams are about the mole, and could hold the only key to finding him before it’s too late.


Now armed with a new tool to track him down, he enlists the help of some old friends and his current fiancée to help bring the traitor to justice at any cost. As forces within the government seek to silence him, it becomes a race against time ― find the mole or become the scapegoat in one of the deadliest intelligence breaches ever uncovered.


The Eyes of Others follows the struggles of five people caught up in a maelstrom of bureaucratic wrangling, politics, and one of the most desperate, high-stakes mole hunts in American history. Lives will be lost and tensions high, but can the mole be found in time when the only clues can be found by dreaming about memories seen through the eyes of others? 

"The characters are well developed and the pace is steady and relentless. Mikael Carlson has a great writing style, and the book is well written and easy to read. The plot is intriguing and captivating, holding your attention throughout. Mikael has created realistic, unique and gritty characters which become like family, some of which you love, others which you dislike, but nonetheless you are embroiled in their exploits. There is very little gratuitous violence, which is refreshing in a novel of this genre. The ending was surprising and unexpected as well as thought provoking, and stayed with me long after I had read the final pages of The Eyes of Others. An excellent read!"


-- Reviewed by Carol Coetzee for Readers' Favorite




An action–packed spy thriller with twist and turns that will keep you guessing who the traitor is all the way to the end.






A Political Fiction Novel with a Paranormal Twist