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“We came here to make Congress effective again, and that is bigger than any one man.”


Some people see a conspiracy behind everything, only this time there was one. While coming to grips with the discovery of who tried to have him assassinated, Michael Bennit must make the decision that will define his character ― make a deal with the devil to save his political career or risk losing everything he has worked for.


As party allegiances crumble in Washington, the new president is desperate to advance his own agenda with or without the help of Congress. Heeding the calls of a disgruntled public, he plans to act unilaterally and fundamentally change the face of the American government. Now the former soldier and teacher and his staff must race to do the impossible ― unite the Legislative Branch against an egomaniacal president.


With enemies mobilizing against him, the media no longer on his side, and most of his former students no longer able to help, the stakes have never been higher for Michael Bennit ― he must succeed in his quest to bring change to Washington or watch as the center of national political power permanently shifts to the White House forever.


The fourth book in The Michael Bennit Series, The iAmerican follows the plight of four people caught in the crucible of the greatest power struggle the nation has ever witnessed. Friendships will be tested and careers destroyed, but can the integrity of one man be strong enough to save the government from itself and restore the confidence of the American people?




"A great culmination of a great story."

-- Paul, Amazon Customer

"I wish these books were required reading for everyone going into any public office!"

-- Sandy, Amazon Customer

"Even though I despise any thing about politics, I was unable to stop reading this last book, also!"

-- Donna, Goodreads




The Michael Bennit Series


The Thrilling Conclusion of the Michael Bennit Series