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"The Michael Bennit Series provides an excellent look at what most Americans are thinking today about the state of the government and offers a strong message to those ready and willing to heed it. This book is fantastic and explains why so many Americans feel as I do! The author makes it a clear lesson in history and politics while being quite entertaining. I love the ending and can't wait for the next volume!"


-- Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite


Nobody gives a damn about politics, and we need to keep it that way.”


Ignorance is bliss, and for a political class used to Americans largely apathetic to their activities, they want to keep it that way. Unfortunately, former teacher and soldier Michael Bennit is learning a lesson of his own when his idealism contrasts with reality of modern politics.  Despite being marginalized by his peers, ignored by lobbyists, and subjected to numerous censures and reprimands, the now Congressman Bennit refuses to quit and leave his seat.


When fear over his legion of followers on social media forces the Washington elite to ratchet the pressure up ahead of the next election, the Speaker of the House launches an audacious plan to force Bennit out of office ahead of the fall campaign season. Needing to take drastic action before being cast out of politics, Michael enlists the help an old enemy, some new friends, and his former students to embark on an ambitious crusade to change the character of American politics and the balance of power in Washington.


The sequel to The iCandidate, The iCongressman follows the plight of four people caught in the conflagration of political maneuvering, vendettas, and hidden agendas. Will the political class be successful in maintaining the status quo, or will the maverick Michael Bennit be able to once again leverage the influence of social media to force a seismic change to the very nature of the U.S. House of Representatives?





The Highly-Acclaimed Second Novel in the Michael Bennit Series


Michael Bennit Takes the Struggle to Washington!


THE iCONGRESSMAN is the second novel in the Michael Bennit series. If you enjoy intelligent storytelling with believable characters you can identify with, then you'll love this frantic rush to a ground-breaking November election in this book you won’t be able to put down.